Indoor air quality management for industrial and commercial establishments which involves cooling, circulation, purification and de-odorization, humidification and dehumidification.

Project execution in the area of Energy and Process monitoring and management.

Our Products

Air Circulation Systems

Air Washers and Coolers

Air Purifiers and De-Odorizers

Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers

Our Services

Indoor Air Quality Management

Solution Design Services

Based on their requirements and the layout of the shop floor, office or commercial space, we offer our clients an optimum design of the air management solution based on a scientific methodology.

Installation and Commissioning

Based on the solution design, we also offer clients installation and commissioning services. We have expert teams to carry out complex installations all over the country.

Energy and Process Data Acquisition

Real-time Energy and Process Data Acquisition and Analysis

Almost all industry requires monitoring in order to reduce and optimize their energy usage. Some may require it for costing purposes too. With the help of appropriate smart devices, the data output of all the required parameters are acquired in real-time and analyzed using specialized software so that appropriate action can be taken.

Similar to energy monitoring, other parameters like temperature, pressure/vacuum, fluid flow rate, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), pH etc., that are vital in the process industry too can be monitored in real-time using specialized equipment and sensors.

The acquired data can either be stored in dedicated servers or on the cloud.

Cloud Services

We are partners with a reputed Bengaluru based cloud services company and we help our customers to adopt highly secure cloud services, especially SaaS and Cloud Backup Services, among a host of others.

Software Design and Development

We undertake all kinds of bespoke software development.

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